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When exclusive parts this kind of as semiconductor units, integrated circuits, and optoelectronic devices are subjected to laser welding and packaging functions, the welding resources are uncovered to the air and are particularly prone to oxidation under large temperature situations, ensuing in welding flaws these as porosity, slag inclusions, cracks, and small welding toughness. , Primary to soaring failure premiums these kinds of as bad airtightness, small energy, and impression resistance of the machine, especially the impact resistance defect will bring about hurt to the system flying superior Mach, resulting in main security accidents and residence losses. At current, the domestic market place urgently requirements a The laser welding packaging product that can be used beneath vacuum circumstances or beneath unique atmosphere safety ailments has a superior male-device natural environment and adaptable devices to meet up with the wants of superior-close devices, primarily unique devices for substantial-speed aerospace automobiles.

Etelux supplies a laser welding glove box based on atmospheric security. To clear up the results of air humidity and air impurities in laser welding, the glove box has two 90-diploma sq. cabins, the remaining aspect is the heating cabin, and the right side For the transitional cabin, the highest temperature of the heating cabin is 200 ℃, the heating plate can be cooled quickly at the same time, the outside the house of the square cabin door is a guide doorway, the interior door is an automatic doorway, the internal and outer doors are interlocked, the glove box is managed to be cleaned by a movement meter, and can also be linked to the purification procedure. Its features are: very low leakage, lower drinking water and innovative technology glovebox oxygen material in the box, secure in general products effectiveness, and legitimate and reputable h2o and oxygen detection.

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